The Sugarpills

Stocking Stuffer Sampler

Stocking Stuffer Sampler by The Sugarpills
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For fans of:Christmas Music, Harvey Danger, Ben Folds Five, Barenaked Ladies, The Pogues
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  1. 01 The Sugarpills - Chiron Beta Prime.mp3
  2. 02 The Sugarpills - Let It Snow.mp3
  3. 03 The Sugarpills - Silent Night.mp3
  4. 04 The Sugarpills - Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You.mp3

It started with three graduates from a small liberal arts university in Pennsylvania that wanted to put more than just a form letter in their 2009 Christmas cards. Then we were the house band for a local theater’s annual Christmas show. We’ve now become an amalgam of our best and brightest friends who have contributed to nearly thirty Christmas covers across two albums and an EP.

We believe in joy to the world, in the spirit of the season, and that it's better to give than to receive. That being said, we've crafted more than two dozen Christmas covers (and some bonus original material) spanning two CD's and one EP for our family, friends, and fans. We're pretty pleased with the results, and we plan to do more of it! We're also prone to adding live shows during the holiday season, so be sure to Fan us on Facebook to keep up with the awesome to come.

Enjoy our junior release, "Stocking Stuffer Sampler" and be sure to download our second album "Christmas Spirits" and first album "Happy B-Day Jesus," also available from Noisetrade!


Stocking Stuffer Sampler was mixed, mastered, recorded and produced by Kevin O'Boyle (with help from Angelica O'Boyle) mainly at Kevin's home studio, with satellite ventures to the O'Boyle and Esty residences in Scranton, PA and Touchstone Theatre in Bethlehem, PA between July 2013 and October 2013.

The Sugarpills would like to thank everyone for their time, talent, energy, and creativity in creating another musical masterpiece. Super special thanks to Kevin's parents and the kind folks at Touchstone Theatre for lending their support and resources. Lastly, thank you to all of our friends, family, and supporters, without whom there would be no reason to continue to do this!

All song composition credits and rights belong to the original listed artists.

For fans of:Christmas Music, Harvey Danger, Ben Folds Five, Barenaked Ladies, The Pogues
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