Cambridge Vineyard Monastery Band

For fans of:Kevin Prosch, Miles Davis, Sufjan Stevens
Back in September of 2011, myself (Kris) and three of my favorite musicians got together to make music. We walked the monastic grounds that our church, the Cambridge Vineyard, calls home. We walked the prayer path nestled in the forested area on our property. Then, in our fireside room, a room full of creaky wood floors and timber beams, we made this music. As we created, we looked out the windows to the trees and fields that surrounded us. We took it all in, and turned it into sound. This is fully unrehearsed. We called no keys, no changes. We simply played. We imagined you, our listener, lying on the floor in front of us, soaking in music, in solitude, in God, and we played a soundtrack for you as you lay there. So, this is Prayer music. Thought music. Lights out music. Encounter music. We are: Tony Divito (percussion) ; Kris MacQueen (guitar, mando and voice); Livia MacQueen (voice); Greg Wilson (keys)