The Wood Drake Sessions

For fans of:Porter's Gate, Sandra McCracken, Indelible Grace, Page CXVI, Paul Zach

We feel it too. The weariness and fatigue of this all-too-long season. The disappointment and divisiveness of this long-suffering year. We’re in it with you. And in this dark valley, there is a great light piercing through the shadows of these trying times. May our songs bring the worshiping bride of Christ together as one to sing of this hope in moments like these.

Beginning with a simple Zoom call at the onset of the 2020 pandemic, we began processing the emotional burden we felt in our world: the spread of COVID-19, political, racial, and social unrest, and the novel effects of lockdown. As we fumbled through our feelings and tried to remind ourselves of the true and beautiful and good, we began singing out our hope—honest and aspirational expressions of our profound aches. As one song turned into many, the Wood Drake Sessions was born.

We are Paul Ranheim and Kirk Sauers, friends from earlier days in Nashville, TN. Paul is a minister and songwriter in Colorado, with a particular heart for resourcing the church’s worship and cultivating her leaders. Kirk is a worship leader in Georgia, with a passion to shepherd the diverse and beautiful body of Christ through music.

We love the local church. Our aim is not to be a band or renowned, but like so many before us, we simply write music for the church to sing. When our songs meet the studio, we include a plurality of voices beyond our own not only to feature the song but also the great variety of God’s people.

From the start, we have sought to compose songs filled with deep and ancient truths in a manner that invites our emotions to eagerly respond. It’s hard to express just how we want these songs to exist, but when we read this poem by Wendell Berry, we feel it. We hope our music welcomes you amid the chaotic fears of the world and into the joyous peace of the Lord.