Third Floor Movement

For fans of:Delirious?, Rend Collective, Jack Johnson

Third Floor Movement formed at the end of 2010 and grew spontaneously out of the church youth band. Inspired by bands such as Delirious? and Rend Collective, Andrew, Jack and later Ross turned their attention to writing songs that would serve the church in both a worship context and for personal devotion. Their aim is to write music accessible to everyone with unashamedly Christian lyrics.

Why "Third Floor Movement"? The idea behind the name is rather basic: Hell = first floor, Earth = second floor, Heaven = third floor. 'Movement' was added to imply action as well as songs, but also (mostly) because it sounds cool.

Band Vision:

We want to see people really engaging with the truth of the gospel and how it affects our day to day lives, through an artform which inspires us. We want to engage with creativity on a level that affirms that we’re made in God’s image.