Tin Horn Prayer

For fans of:Tom Waits, Murder by Death, Townes Van Zandt, Hot Water Music, Tim Barry
Pinning down the sound of Tin Horn Prayer is a fool’s game. Featuring Scooter James (of Love Me Destroyer and Pinhead Circus), Mike Herrera (of the Blackout Pact and Sleeperhorse), Andy Thomas (of Only Thunder and Ghost Buffalo), Eric Epling and (of Throwaway Sunshine) Dan Gilbert (of Clusterfux), as well as Ethan Steenson, the lineup reads like a who’s who, but the outfit is far from a star trip. Tin Horn Prayer’s debut album, “Get Busy Dying” , is filled with beer-soaked anger, wine-soaked misery and whiskey-soaked regret. It’s raucous, ramshackle and raw, but the veterans in Tin Horn Prayer have the songwriting sophistication, expert showmanship and musical chops to pull it off. Though it takes you through some neighborhoods you’d rather not visit, “Get Busy Dying” is a wild and exhilarating ride.