Tiu Don

For fans of:Frédéric Chopin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Alberto Rock, Kosta T

Tiu Don,

Tiu - slang for casual conversation among teenagers and people from less privileged places. Don - nickname for Donnefar, Fernando pseudonym. Reason: to achieve change the nickname Twitter, was added "Tiu" Don before, and stayed until now. Tiu Don actually is a writer, editor, creator of the imprint and design "different" titled "DInside Project". Currently the idea to create your own design definitely debuting with the single "Awake, It's called the Voice" CD "Bah bitch, Bah". The single back version of the song "Wachet Auf, Ruft A Die Stimme" Artist Johann Sebastian Bach. The CD "Bah bitch, Bach!" It will be solely based on the songs of J. S. Bach, commemorating the date of his death already over two centuries, but which is still remembered for his gift with classical music. Before the new Single Tiu Don composed his first song I have not had issue, but a quick sample was available the same in Soundcloud.com, the band has the name of "So ..." and not merely its 2 minutes duration. The style joined by Tiu in their songs vary greatly between Trance, Rock, Electronic and Noise as the latest single.