Tony Karusso

Base of My Bars

Base of My Bars by Tony Karusso
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For fans of:116 clique, KB, Flame, Bizzle, Sho Baraka
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  1. A Base of My Bars.mp3
  2. B I Go Off.mp3
  3. C Godsay (Ft. Bruh Mike).mp3
  4. D Mu Sick.mp3
  5. E Lonely.mp3
  6. F Lonely One (Part II).mp3
  7. G My Jam.mp3
  8. H Don't Look it.mp3
  9. I The Problem.mp3
  10. J Do it.mp3
  11. K Bottom of Mine.mp3
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The Concept of Base of my Bars is to let people know where the music comes from. I feel as though Gospel music has overtime moved the foundation of it's primary position and focus. When Gospel rap was first introduced to the music scene, it's intentions were very clear, to introduce Christ. Their goal was to present the Gospel in a more urban way that would capture the attentions of music listeners and provide them with a message of hope over a beat. Over time I feel like the intentions have been swayed and more people are promoting self and their own ambition over that of the Lord's. Being Highly influenced by Secular music and sources, some artists have taken an another route, as you can hear in the music, but still try to tag Jesus on it somewhere. Some put Him on the top floor, some put Him somewhere in the middle, but I think that we should put Him at the bottom, the foundation, and build off of that foundation all the way up. That is what Base of my Bars aims to do and as an Artist, that is what I aim to do from now on.


Syreeta Leaks of LMP Plus LLC. This is the fourth album cover that Mrs. Leaks has created for me and she has gone over and beyond to create the visions that I have had in mind. But don't just limit her creativity to the works of my visions, because she can bring to life any vision that you might have. Just give her a direction and watch her do all she can within her power to bring that thing to life.

David Glenn Recording. This is a music engineer out of Orlando, Florida who has worked with some of the likes of many professional artists in the industry. We met on Facebook and during a prime time when I needed a mix/master engineer to help me with my project. He is a family man with a good heart and this is what he does for a living and he is very good at it. But please don't limit his abilities to my project, as he is able to do some great things with your music. Hit him up at

For fans of:116 clique, KB, Flame, Bizzle, Sho Baraka
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