Unscrupulous Vomit

For fans of:Summoning, Melechesh, Windir, Rancid Abomination

Unscrupulous Vomit is my newest 1 man Black Metal band. This time around it is Atmospheric Black Metal with a Cthulhu Mythos Theme.... Formed from the death of my other Black Metal band Rancid Abomination, this band sounds a lot more sinister than that did, with more echoey production... It is also a lot more atmospheric with very quiet guitars like summoning and very loud keyboards as well...

Later on, on UV's third and Final CD, Unscrupulous Vomit became a mix Of Oriental Black Metal (Melechesh like stuff), Sognametal (Windir Like Stuff), and Summoning styled Atmospheric Black Metal.

Theme is Cthulhu Mythos related stuff. I am a huge HP Lovecraft fan. I wanted to do this band for a while... It's cool sounding...