Unscrupulous Vomit

Yog Sothoth is the Gate!

Yog Sothoth is the Gate! by Unscrupulous Vomit
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For fans of:Summoning, Melechesh, Windir, Rancid Abomination
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  1. - Yog-Sothoth
  2. - The Evil Child
  3. - The Summoning
  4. - The Journey
  5. - Miskatonic
  6. - Rapture
  7. - Ending
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This is our latest (and Last) Cd... This one is a lot different than our last few...

A) It's musical sound is a lot more varied than the first 2 Unscrup Cd's... Being a mix of Summoning Styled Atmospheric Black Metal (With Mideival Instruments (Trumpets, Kettle Drums)), Oriental Black Metal (With Oriental Instruments (Sitar's, Tribal Drums, and Middle Eastern Druim Beats)) and Windir Styled Sognametal (With Windir like melodies here and there, although that is rarely done)....

B) There are a lot more Middle Eastern elements in this cd than the previous ones, which didn't have any at all, I felt like doing this. It was a spur of the moment thing. I always wanted to see what would happen if you mix Oriental Black Metal with Atmospheric Black Metal and Sognametal... Mainly because I am a huge fan of Summoning, Windir and Melechesh.

C) There are far less Rancid Abomination styled touches...

This album is the last one Unscrup will do (I don't want to do any more)... It also is a concept album based on "The Dunwich Horror" By HP Lovecraft...

For fans of:Summoning, Melechesh, Windir, Rancid Abomination
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