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For fans of:2PAC, 50CENT, USA Rapper Accent, Puffy Daddy, Usher
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I will like to say that I craft or surround myself with east coast artists and I do listen to those type of artists,but never craft my music from their style.Being in New York,or growing up there, I had to emulate the passion these artists put into their music,and the creativity that goes with it.The name{Pastor D.Wills} I possess is my artist name and not a minister title,and if you notice my style of music,it goes beyond the wall of my faith into the diver places in the world.I am a writer,producer,and architecture of my music.Whatever you hear from me is original and written by me. I DON'T LIKE TO BE COMPARE,SOUND LIKE OR REFLECT ANYONE BUT ME.My style of rap is not related to anyone in the music business,and I appreciate it a lot. I do appreciate artists that made a way for me to express myself. I feel that rap has given me that platform to deliver decent,Godly,social,political,drama and love. I WILL CLASSIFY MY WORK OF MUSIC AS MOTIVATIONAL and less VIOLENT.If you ask me, WHY? I will say ask 2Pac! Why was he political or lyrical radical? I think every artist has a place or source where their music is based upon. I happen to fall in the aisle where nobody motivated me,simply because I will out do them or some reasons. I like to learn but it has to be close to home{LIB},and when it isn't then I am less interested.I realize that it doesn't go well with too many people,and for that people assumed I am not teachable.I appreciate those individuals cause it allowed me to build up vocabulary,skills,music intelligence,and passion to motivate other as well as myself. My music is LIFE LESSON!!!


Thanks to my entire label mate.

For fans of:2PAC, 50CENT, USA Rapper Accent, Puffy Daddy, Usher
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