vaughn montgomery

For fans of:harry nilsson, willie nelson, townes van zandt, bill callahan, richard buckner
i grew up in an oaky canyon between ventura & ojai. i grew down to l.a. in 8th grade, then back up to santa barbara for college, which is when i started writing poems & songs. i almost had a band called close with my cousins michael vos & ted lennon, but it mostly amounted to basement tapes & lets go look for girls. since then i've played alone a lot, & thought any day now i'll get a band together. but nope. lots of almosts & one man banding. lots of freedom. mexico, africa, canada. even in the u.s.a. then one day i fell in love with a girl who liked me back (see casual karen). i moved to brooklyn to see what would happen, & a lot did, but not a band. in 2007 i went down to austin to make a record with my friend, emile millar. i tried to finish it back in brooklyn, but then i moved back to california, got married, had a baby, moved again, and now i have another baby. along the way i kept chipping away & now it's done. small goals can take a long time, but at least on the record i've kinda got a band!