vaughn montgomery

small goals

small goals by vaughn montgomery
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For fans of:harry nilsson, willie nelson, townes van zandt, bill callahan, richard buckner
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songs from my time in new york that i recorded in austin at my friend emile millar's place in 2007. then i added some tracks back in brooklyn & naively thought i was almost done. i even started mixing it. then karen & i moved back to california, the slow way, starting with a series of greyhound busses, with a wurlitzer, a fold-up bike, a crappy surfboard, & some regular luggage that we mistakenly thought we'd load once in new york & unload once in louisiana. we took an intermission in baton rouge, loaded up, & hit the wintery road. my el camino became an icy mobil storage unit that grew with every thrift store between memphis & needles, & had to be unloaded & reloaded at each & every shady motel. as you can imagine, it was a great compatibility test for us. warm & worn out & back in california, my small goals got buried by big stuff like finding a job, a place to live, planning a shotgun wedding, having a baby, & moving again. i considered just starting over, but instead i added a few more sounds, edited for a couple more hundred hours, mixed & remixed, & finally got sick enough of being almost done & happy enough with how it sounded to call it even. as my unlce michael said, "you never finish mixing. you just stop." now our family's been blessed with another baby & have kicked out the monkey named small goals that was stuck to my back for five years. he's here & there on the world's wild web, hoping you'll hear him & toss him a tip. thanks for listening. be well. soul long. vaughn
For fans of:harry nilsson, willie nelson, townes van zandt, bill callahan, richard buckner
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