Vladimir's Universe

For fans of:Devo, Brian Eno, LCD Soundsystem, Depeche Mode, Human League

As a teen in the mid 1980's Vladimir Corduroy recorded music in his bedroom calling it "Vladimir's Universe". With the addition of Jimigator on drums the Universe went on to be a local phenom in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Playing almost exclusively at hot spot Cross Street Station, Vladimir's Universe expanded to include other musicians including Freddy Fortune (Fortune & Maltese, the Covingtons) and others.

In 2012 for the 25th Anniversary of his first Ypsilanti performance he revisited the old material and decided to re-release classic Vladtrax as a compilation "This Machine Eats Bacon". Another collection of songs recorded from 1992 to 2012 called "Mezzanine Cashews" can also be found here on Noisetrade along with "Squirrelier Than Earlier" from 2015.

The newest project is "Rock & Roll Midlife Crisis".