Waterline 42

For fans of:Collective Soul, Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, The Fray, Neely

Mark Mahoney- vocals/guitar Bill's Friend Ken- guitar Dave Walsh- bass Eddie Corns- drums

Waterline 42 began in 2009 when Mark Mahoney and Bill's Friend Ken met through their original drummer Dan Stahl. Immediately a signature sound developed, with Mark's acoustic and gritty Strat rhythms counter-pointed by Ken's power chord accents and melodic lead sense. With the 2010 addition of veteran bassist, Dave Walsh, the rhythm section was complete. Their tight beats and keen sensitivity to each other’s playing – a musical chemistry that’s simply inherent, completed all the weapons in the band’s explosive arsenal. With a rock attitude, melodic hooks, dynamics, and a commitment to individual song personality, they were on their way. Their mission: music to feel GOOD about, music that would INSPIRE and lift you up. After a long battle and the 2013 loss of Dan Stahl to cancer, the band brought in veteran drummer Pat Bautz of Three Dog Night for the studio sessions that resulted in their self-titled debut album. Put it on, turn it up, and let it take you to a better place.