Daytrotter Session - Dec 14, 2011

Dec 14, 2011 Big Orange Studios Austin, TX by Wax
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. My Future Is A Big, Wide-Open Space
  3. 5 Days
  4. Limousine
Part of this session by Los Angeles-based rapper Michael Jones, better known by the moniker Wax, gives us an extremely detailed glimpse into what he likes to get himself into. The song is "5 Days," and he name-checks Briana Banks in the middle of a lengthy explanation of why he's still putting Neosporin on his pecker after the cheese grater got to him with some molars through the foreskin. He speaks of a woman who turns what was supposed to be "the best thing into the worst thing." These five days have not been good to him and yet, he's the kind of guy - you get the feeling, who is going to get right back out there and see if he can get some better results, as soon as he's healed up. From that song, you go into two tracks from his just-released mixtape, entitled "Eviction Notice," and these are the less R-rated attempts at what he's going for in this life of his. It's what led him to that foxy girl who was so quick to go down on him. These are the wholesome goals that led to that mistake.

Wax makes no bones in letting us know what he's here for, what he loves. It's nearly everything. He sets out in the mornings to have the maximum allotment of fun and to get the most enjoyment out of everything he possibly can before he goes to bed and, even then, the mission doesn't change. Most of the time the mission is ratcheted up a notch or two and there's more pleasure to be sought. He goes after it. The stories of the conquests - and even the ones that turn out to be unusually luckless as aforementioned - seem as if they are golden at heart though. We're sure that he thinks about women the way that most of us do when we're being quiet. We see boobs and buns and shiny, gorgeous legs on any of them and our tongues unfurl out of our heads, even if they don't, but most of us can't go there, or could simply never be so forward. Sometimes even, going after those girls showing it all off is not really what we'd want in the least, but Wax - in song - seems like that lovable horn-dawg, that guy who, if he were given a lie detector test and asked to say what he finds sexiest in a woman, would say her mind. And he'd mean it. He's probably one of those guys who holds doors open and is always looking to make his girl happy because he knows it will come back to him and those BJs will be flowing, if nothing else.

He sings about having been down on his luck and it sounds like he doesn't take any of his good fortune for granted anymore. It comes out in his hybrid style of rap and Jack Johnson's beach-time odes to mellow time BBQs and sun-splashed tans. He raps, or gently offers on the song "Limosine, "And I'm just here to count my blessings/I wouldn't leave here to go to heaven in a flying limousine/Limosine/A goddamn flying limosine/I'm by the fire Hugh Hefner-esque/Feeling like I just found a huge treasure chest/I used to never sweat death/Now I trip about it/Cause life's too good for me to even live without it/It's so surreal and it ain't about the dough or the deal/It's about the feeling in your soul that you feel/When that little little feeling in your soul becomes real." He seems to have this mantra burned into his head, as the words that he's going to live by. Everything's all good here. He's going to do what he wants and be thankful for what comes. If that's sex with porn stars, he's fine with that.