Wendy Nazaré

For fans of:Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow, The Corrs, Natalie Imbruglia, Katie melua

From Algeria to England, from Portugal to Belgium, Wendy grew up through
the travels, some quite harsh, told by her grandparents in colourful
accents. She learned through these old family tales that a simple story
can hide a lot of fairy-tale mystery.
Wendy Nazaré is the fruit of a delightful mix. She discovered music at a
very young age thanks to her grandmother who sang for her the popular
English songs of her own childhood, while playing the mandolin. Most of
Wendy’s nights were spent as a family, gathered at the fireside,
listening to the piano. Family is the pillar of her life. She wrote her
first French song at 16, to tell the story of her father.TREE, the
journey with no turning back.
The choice of new paths, hidden tracks, radical personal transformation.
Growing out of the soil to reach towards the sun. Change of country,
change of life, to change the world...