What Glorious Things

For fans of:Lincoln Brewster, David Crowder, Chris Tomlin

In the wake of an era where music has almost lost its identity, What Glorious Things was formed in 2010 to “take back the radio” and reconnect an audience with authentic fervor. Being no strangers to success through previous bands, they have quickly begun to accomplish that goal in a short amount of time. The project, fronted by Jason Hansen, has found itself crossing over from the masses of independent artists to one that stands in the forefront. As described by Jesusfreakhideout.com, "If this is the caliber of an indie band just wanting to make a difference, then it sounds like there are some 'mainstream' bands that need to step up their level of excellence."

A short list of What Glorious Things’ collective experience includes Warped Tour, Cornerstone Festival, national touring, national radio and working with producers from labels such as Warner Brothers. Following in those footsteps the band continues to grow adding larger venues to their repertoire such as nationally known Rocketown and Revolution Live, and employing producer and musician, Kelly Scott Nunn (Further Seems Forever, Underoath and Maylene & the Sons of Disaster) to record and play on the new album, Far and Fading.

In recording, the intent was to capture WGT’s live feel which RevMiami.com describes as having “an emotional singing voice” with music that is dynamic and energetic while highlighting the subtle melodies and harmonies that are layered in each song and best heard in a recorded format. The result delivers moving lyrics laced with melodic guitars and piano that explore spirituality, a romantic pursuit of God and blatant worship.

CCM Magazine calls Far and Fading, "a fresh wind among worship releases" that "whet(s) the appetite for much more with a solid breadth and intimacy".

With their second album, Far and Fading, in hand, What Glorious Things will continue to expand its audience of both peers and fans alike being bound to make a lasting imprint on music.