Daytrotter Session - Aug 29, 2012

Aug 29, 2012 Good Danny's Austin, TX by WIDOWSPEAK
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Gun Shy
  3. Sore Eyes
  4. Harsh Realm
  5. Gazin
  6. Puritan
We're sorry, but months ago, we signed a document that forbade us from telling you anything about what happening during, before or after this Widowspeak session. Well, sort of. In a way, it's like something we signed and you're just going to have to wait and see what, if anything, any of it could mean. We're not sure either, but such mysterious environments play into music of the Brooklyn-based band led by lead singer Molly Hamiliton. They make blankets of colors that are pathways to the places that you don't get to often enough. We can make sense out of them by studying the photos that these prolific posters have put on Instagram over the last few days.First, there's a shot of a TV screen and some horses tied to a watering trough, at night.Then, a strange Jamaican flag-colored image of what could be catfish or sea turtles getting sucked down a drain to hell.Then, a distorted image of a fluffy dog.Then, what could be a photo from a catalog, showing off a desirable shower that eight different angles, kinda like a car wash.Then, a view of the sky, where the heavy clouds are once again battling the sun and what looks to be sin.Then, a view from a rearview mirror of an interstate's center line.Then, a front view of a horse.Then, a neck-view of a horse.Then, a dark, almost not there view of a horse in a meadow.Then, a horse's head, alive and eating grass.Then, more clouds, in happier times.Then, trees eating a setting sun.Then, a blurry view of everything but a tiny lamp and its shade.Then, a blurry yellow spider.Then, the tendrils of an airplane crossing the sky.Then, powerlines at sunset.Then, an Oscar Wilde playing card with the word snow on it.Then, a close-up shot of a colorful old poster of Neil Armstrong that must have just been lying around.Then, the spider's back and it's been busy.Then, a pair of dangling feet, with the nail's painted pink. Something's not right about them though, as if the photograph is from a crime file and the woman who owned them had been murdered.Then, what seem to be those same feet, on vacation - somewhere nice, with a view.Then, a dinner.