Yung Cru

For fans of:ABM, Verse Muney, HipHop

Dj Ro had a great opportunity to chop it up with upcoming artist Yung Cru. Read more below to find out an exclusive on the artist.

1. What inspired you to want to be an artist?Growing up I had a big brother/ father figure who who rapped along with his entourage that moved so militant. Lockdown Ent was rare and was something I ended up apart of. Being the youngest at 13 seeing them move and being so unified as a team taught me a lot. They were lit and nothing separated us, it was all about music. I fell in love with the music. It was and still is a way to free my mind to escape reality. I fell in love with the culture along with growing up in a certain environment it helped me express my feelings. It was away to paint a picture of what I go through. It taught me how to be creative.2. Who is your biggest inspiration?Biggest inspiration was ABM and cousin Verse Muney. They seen me grow up and know what I’ve been through and seen the talent and ambition and potential I had. Seeing them in the studio painting pictures with their words and the passion they had for music was out of this world. It just made me want to be great and I wanted to do the same. I’ve learned a lot from them, they dropped a lot of jewels on me growing up and partially made who I am. I had other talents, believe it or not I was wild nice on a skateboard and at hooping and they would always tell me to stick with that leave the rapping to them but I’d always pursue the rap shit. They seen I’d never quit so they started constantly pushing me harder and harder. Still to this day they push me. They help shape and mold who I am and the love for this music shit they have is embedded into me now.3. Where were you born and raised?I was born and raised in Elkton, Md... Cash County. A run down town in the middle of all the bigger cities. Like dmv/tri state area. Drug infested. A lot of dogs with dog food. Ain’t nothing good here. You either hustle or get hustled here. S/o to all my Philly, Wilmington, bmore, dc, NY, Jersey ppls they all my next neighbors. I was just someone who seen a bigger picture and wanted to get out of there before I end up in two places I didn’t want to be. No matter what that place made me and it’s home. 410 til I go!!!4. What has been your biggest fear coming into the music industry?I’m my own worst critic. I’m trying to be the best rapper I’m just trying to be the best I can be and I want people to relate to me and my music and what I have to spit about. There is so many great MC’s out there so sometimes I second guess myself Like is my music good enough? Or can my music even make it? Even though I know my music is great and I have people that vibe to it, it’s just is the music good enough or is it even worth grinding for. Seeing rappers that already made it and have all the luxuries sometimes far fetched. It’s just hard to keep a positive mind set because I’m coming from nothing and trying to gain so much. The struggle is beautiful though and it keeps me going.5. If there was one person in the industry who you could shadow, who would it be and why?Probably someone like jay z, wiz khalifa, or meek mills. Jay is one of the greats and built a empire and I respect his hustle and grind so much. Wiz is just so free as a person and is living life exactly how he want and built his own empire and meek is a whole different animal in my book. Meek took his whole team with him and his flow is wild crazy and what he raps about I relate to the most.6. What do you feel the music industry is lacking?Growing up it was hip hop. All hip hop, dope bars, crazy beat, crazy word play, etc. If you were spitting cat in the hat rhymes you wouldn’t get no love. I feel like people now take it as a joke and play to much just to get a check which I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle, I just think it’s not the same. Rappers now don’t pay enough homage to what this was built off of.7. Tell me about your latest single?Just released my single called “Jelly”. Basically it’s a song about people being jealous. I came from the bottom and didn’t have much so a lot of people looked at me as a person who wasn’t going to accomplish much in life but besides being your typical trouble maker or someone who would be on the corner their whole life. The same ones who would smile in my face and tell me I’d make and then when I turn my back and be like he ain’t shit so I made jelly for them. It’s a wake up call to those people because now that they see me doing something positive they’re all envious now. So if you have haters or some fake people in your life, just let them know they do jelly!!!8. Any upcoming projects?I’m finishing up my project now called “Stuck In My Ways”. It’s called that because every record on there is just how I am as a person and what I do day to day. I want people to know me, my story and what I’m shooting for. In a nutshell letting people know that you don’t have to listen to anyone to make it. You can do your own thing and do things your way and still be successful.9. What area do you feel you should market more?I need to market myself more. You can’t not market yourself enough. That’s why I think wiz is so great because you might hear something from him for a minute yet you’ll see his YouTube channel flooded with day to day shit he be doing and it’s lit. He keeps his fan entertained. I just want to be able to do the same.10.How did you come up with this single/project? Any inspirations?Like I said my single “Jelly” is about jealous people, mad I’m doing something with myself. The project is basically saying you can be stuck in your ways and have certain demons or bad habits and still can be successful. The people who didn’t stand right by me, along with my own bad habits inspired this one. 11.What does your stage name mean?It’s funny because Kasper was my original rap name growing because I was a white boy and all that lol. I felt like that was to cliche and didn’t like it after awhile so I stared thinking of other names and I couldn’t think of one until a couple day ones I rock with as a joke called me the “ Caucasian Crusader”. The joke went on what seemed like forever and it eventually went to just “Crusader” then finally just “Cru”. Everyone and I mean everyone just started calling me “Cru”. Being that I was they youngest out of the group, I put the “Yung” in front of my name and it became “Yung Cru”. 12.Have you done any shows in the past and do you have any recent shows or tours coming up?I’ve done quite a few shows up and down the eat coast. I’ve done shows in Atl, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, NY. Just got a performance agreement to do 40 more shows along the way so stay tuned for upcoming dates and where they’ll be held.13.How do you describe your music to people?I like to consider myself as having my own lane of music. There’s a lot of pain behind my music along with a lot of turning up in it. If I could compare my music to anyone’s I’d say I’m like the white Travis Scott lol or have that meek mill type vibe.14.How would you define the word “success”?Being able to wake up everyday is successful enough for me. I want the best in life and all the luxuries that come with it. It’s deeper than that though. I’m just glad I’m able to do what I love and want to do and to be able to get paid to do that is success to me. I feel successful reaching a level that the normal person is scared to take a risk for. Dreams can turn to reality, you just have to speak it into existence and go get it. Whatever your dream is you can make it happen, you just own that shit and make it happen.15.Are you looking for an independent label deal or major label deal? (Why)I would like to stay independent because i want to build my own brand and create my own empire. If the right label and deal is presented I’m not going to say I won’t be a part of it because it could be a stepping stone to something great. The paper work would just have to be right lol. I’d like to stay independent though.16.Have you created a career, marketing, or business plan?Can’t tell everyone to much just know I’m going to hit the industry hard and I barely even scratched the surface. When I do, I’ll be on everybody’s playlist, tv, radio, you name it. I’m creating a movement. When you hear Yung Cru aka Johnny Tsunami, just know that Wave is about to flood everything!!!