yuri martyren

For fans of:gallhammer, ankhagram, doom:vs, gyakushuunojisakujienya, alcest

official website of yuri martyren (emily espino) began yuri martyren project feburary 3,2021

but emily espino from azusa,califonia began in early 2006 mixing and mashing in middle school she published via lastfm and reverbnation under mileyhardrocker and incabador

in2009 i renamed to skamilly sevenexes

and in 2012 skamilly skepticide (other prefer skepticism in end so i said thats okay too)

in 2015 - 2019

i renamed to legal name emily espino and then xxemirixx and then zenox equinox to do electronics work and computers music but then forfited the idea after many negative neglection of me not using instruments cause of my heavy past since elmentary using instruments and people going against my music

in 2021 i made a project after almost over a decade not touching an instrument i return on bass under yuri martyren my funeral doom /black metal project with some visual kei influences and some i fluence of japanese ,norwegian and swedish bands