One For The Team

May 28, 2009 Daytrotter Studio, Rock Island, IL

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  1. X-Files: Little Green Men, Season 2 Episode 1 14:31
One For The Team

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Brendan Kiefer

The reading here - courtesy of Ian Anderson, Grace Fiddler and the rest of the One For The Team team - is the first episode of the second season of X-Files. It's as ambitious of a Bookery reading as we've ever featured, the work of two or three days of full immersion in the script and with household items that were turned into sound effects that accompany other digitalized effects. There's some convincing Spanish and a description of the wonders of a cranial autopsy amongst the nearly 15 minutes of show-stopping performances. A note from Anderson, "In short, I took a 45-minute episode of the X-Files and edited it down to 15 minutes. All of the members of One for the Team read lines and I scored the music and sound effects in the background." The Minneapolis-based pop band is getting a base tan and gearing up for a July tour of Germany, Austria and Ireland, almost exclusively.

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One For The Team's Debut Daytrotter Session

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