61 Percent of Americans Oppose Trump's Border Wall, Which is Good But Also Frighteningly Low

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The border wall with Mexico may not be Donald Trump’s single dumbest idea, but it’s the most prominent of his many dumb ideas, and even Republican outlets are calling it “ridiculous.” Practically, ethically, and every other way, it’s a miserable failure of a concept.

Which is why it’s heartening that 61 percent of Americans oppose it, according to a Pew Research Center survey. It’s even more lopsided amongst blacks and Hispanics (76 percent oppose), and Democrats in general (84 percent oppose).

Still, there’s some worrisome date mixed in here. For one thing, white people in America only oppose the blatantly stupid idea by 54-43 percent. As for Republicans, almost two-thirds (63 percent) are in favor.

On one hand, the majority opposition seems like a cause for celebration—especially because the numbers have held stead since a similar survey in March, meaning that Trump isn’t wooing anyone. On the other…WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO LEGITIMATELY THINK IT COULD WORK? Like, even if you’re racist, I want you to be smarter.

Other data from the study:

—71 percent of respondents feel that undocumented immigrants “mostly fill jobs U.S. citizens do not want.”

—76 percent say undocumented immigrants “are as honest, hard-working as U.S. citizens.”

—Finally, 67 percent say they “are NO more likely than U.S. citizens to commit serious crimes.”

So, yes, these results are all heartening in their own way. And this dose of sanity hopefully shows why, as screwed up as things have become, we haven’t fallen so far as to elect Trump.

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