Apparently Alec Baldwin was Too Good at Being Donald Trump for The New Yorker

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By now, you’ve seen Alec Baldwin’s excellent Donald Trump impression from the SNL season premiere, and if you haven’t, do so here. The parody was so spot-on, it seems, that The New Yorker couldn’t resist running a piece suggesting that Baldwin similarity to Trump goes beyond last weekend’s mimicry. Ian Crouch writes:

But he may, beyond that, be uniquely suited for the role. In an alternative universe in which the Democrats, rather than the Republicans, had nominated a charismatic, thin-skinned, and incendiary celebrity as their Presidential candidate, Alec Baldwin could be Donald Trump.

After rejecting George Clooney and Warren Beatty as potential celebrity Trump analogues of the left, Crouch notes that Baldwin had political aspirations of his own that were derailed by his “tabloid infamy”...including borderline homophobia, and that time he called his daughter a “thoughtless pig.” (Sound familiar?) Crouch draws out the parallel:

“Back in the real world, there is the sense that Baldwin is a man who can’t get out of his own way—something that is also true of Trump…Both men seem constitutionally unable to let a feud drop quietly, to resist having the last word in a public argument, or to feel that they have ever been properly understood by the press.”

That’s definitely a theory. A good one, though? We know that Alec Baldwin doesn’t think so, as he made plain on Twitter:

Poor Alec. Or is it dangerous Alec?

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