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Nancy Pelosi Shreds Donald Trump's State of the Union Speech on National Television

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Tuesday night, President Trump gave his State of the Union Address. He delivered his usual inflated promises and diversity pick human interest stories to negate any suspicions of xenophobia. Outside of the usual standards, there were some key highlights that shook the public.

President Trump ignored Speaker Pelosi’s handshake, and she tried her hardest to let it go. The animosity between the two is renowned at this point, and the impeachment trials have intensified the rancor. Pelosi held her composure through the address, but tore up her copy of President Trump’s speech once he finished speaking.

Besides the reality-show drama with the Speaker of the House, notable declarations from President Trump include his decision to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh. This, of course, sparked controversy considering Limbaugh’s consistently racist and sexist commentary. This award isn’t surprising, since so many Trump rallies use similar language.

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