Anti-Erdogan Demonstration Outside Turkish Embassy Turns Violent

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Anti-Erdogan Demonstration Outside Turkish Embassy Turns Violent

Outside the Turkish Embassy in D.C. yesterday, there was a violent clash between protestors. The protest was likely in response to Trump’s same-day meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s highly controversial president. The fight appears to have been between Erdogan supporters—along with his bodyguards—and critics of the Turkish president. Information is still fairly scarce as the police continue their investigation into the event.

The altercation resulted in nine injuries and at least two arrests, with CNN reporting that U.S. protestors “accused Erdogan supporters of breaching police lines and attacking protesters on at least three separate occasions.”

Since Erdogan took power in 2014, his term has been marred by controversies whereby he continues to accrue more and more power than is typically allowed the Turkish President. Paste has written extensively about Erdogan’s myriad controversies before.

A video taken of the incident can be viewed below.