The Best Tweets About Justin Trudeau Trying Way Too Hard in India

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The Best Tweets About Justin Trudeau Trying Way Too Hard in India

As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau returns from his week-long trip to India, we at Paste would like to remember the trip by highlighting some of the best tweets that addressed the Prime Minister’s over-the-top attempt to be likable in India.

Trudeau’s first official visit to one of the most important regions in Asia can be described as a seven-day smorgasbord of controversy and bad publicity. Kicking off his trip, the Canadian demi-god had been “snubbed” by the Indian government, who were either unwilling or uninterested in meeting with the Prime Minister until days into his stay in their country. Then the situation became even more dodgy when outrage sparked after it was revealed that a Sikh extremist convicted for attempting to murder an Indian politician had been invited to dine with Trudeau at the Canadian High Commissioner’s residence in New Delhi. To top it all off, Trudeau and his family took massive backlash on Twitter for their outlandish wardrobe choice and whimsically-poised family portraits (complete with praying hands and all) which at times bordered on the verge of cultural appropriation, (ironic isn’t it?).

Needless to say, the Trudeau’s first trip to India could’ve gone a little better, but the sadistic side of us is kind-of glad it didn’t. Below are some of the best tweets about Trudeau trying way too hard to be likable in India.

Of course, twitter had a field day taking political jabs after Trudeau invited a convicted Sikh extremist to dinner:

And here’s Trudeau busting out some Bollywood inspired dance moves:

A few more, just for good measure.

While Trudeau tries his best to be a ally for social justice, his exaggerated antics made him the target of some light-hearted social media jabs. In the end Trudeau did finally meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Following bilateral talks, the two leaders appeared in a press conference before hugging it out outside the Indian presidential palace on Friday afternoon. Like the saying goes “all’s well that ends well,” I guess. #Modihug.