Mollie Tibbetts' Father Thanks Hispanic Community, Doesn't Mention Trump

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Mollie Tibbetts' Father Thanks Hispanic Community, Doesn't Mention Trump

In his eulogy for his 20-year old-daughter, Rob Tibbetts gives his thanks to the local community in their search for his daughter, who was allegedly murdered by an undocumented migrant. Though Newsweek reports that the President and his recent video extorting Tibbets’ murder went unmentioned at the ceremony. This is likely tied with the family’s general mindset that Tibbetts’ death shouldn’t be used to promote any political agendas. Tibbetts’ father steers away from the conversation, simply thanking “the Hispanic community,” according to Newsweek.

Outside of Tibbetts’ funeral, her family members are more direct, going to social media to rectify the false narrative of Trump’s video. They’re rightfully upset with the propaganda. Newsweek cites Tibbett’s cousin, Sam Lucas, who has gone out of her way to engage with political figures on Twitter. Vox points to a Facebook post from another cousin, Sandi Tibbetts Murphy, calling for an end to the politicization, especially for a cause Tibbetts was opposed to.

In the post, Murphy points out that this is not an immigration issue, but an issue of gender roles. Statistically, she’s right. According to a survey conducted by Runner’s World, “for women runners under 30, harassment is a frequent experience, with 58 percent in our survey saying it happens to them midrun always, often, or sometimes.” To men, this may come as a shock. To women, it’s a tragic norm, especially when the best advice is “just keep running,” according to a runner interviewed by CNN.

As is expected, the administration is only willing to act in a way that stands in line with its misguided goals. The murder of a young girl can be mutated into anti-immigration propaganda, but impeding men in their efforts to ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’ remains sacred and untouchable.

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