Watch Ted Koppel Tell Sean Hannity That He's "Bad For America"

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Watch Ted Koppel Tell Sean Hannity That He's "Bad For America"

There are a few great parts of the short video below, from CBS’ Sunday Morning. On the most viscerally satisfying level, Ted Koppel having the fortitude to look Sean Hannity in the eye and tell him be’s bad for America because he has “attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts” is a piece of delicious schadenfreude. It’s sophisticated, and couched in a mini-compliment, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s calling him an opportunistic liar on national TV. Second, it’s lovely how Koppel shuts down Hannity’s usual interruption act, and third, seeing the hurt and anger in Hannity’s eyes—you can tell that on some level he respects Koppel, and that it wounds him to hear the respected newsman essentially call him a bad American—is a bit of solace for the years of harmful bullshit he’s heaped on America’s doorstep.


Hannity predictably fired back with claims of media bias shortly after the show aired:

Which sparked a lot of good comebacks, of which this was my favorite:

You can watch the entire segment, called “A Polarized America,” here.