Quiet Hooves

Feb 20, 2011 Daytrotter Studio, Rock Island, IL

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  1. Hott R Nott 02:49
  2. Feelin' Down 04:11
  3. Bigg Boy 02:45
  4. Troubles 03:21
  5. Buried 02:27
Quiet Hooves

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by C.k. Koch

More so than ever, there seems to be a lot of bellyaching going on these days. People enjoy their venting. They enjoy letting it out and just deflecting feelings of self-doubt and inferiority onto others, bitching and moaning about all of their issues, but referring to their problems or shortcomings as the direct result of something someone else did or didn't do. It could just be that people seem more touchy and down in the dumps because there are so many more platforms to use for venting and not counting their blessings, ad nauseam. Whatever it is, it's sad, but we go with it. Athens, Georgia, band Quiet Hooves contemplates the art of feeling low on the regular, but they seem to do no bellyaching of their own, just pointing it out and grabbing the sad sacks by the scruffs of the neck and pulling them up so they're not starting at the ground any more. They try to get everyone thinking about Fridays and Saturdays and what parties - minor or major - might lie ahead for the taking if one so chose. There are tongues that taste like the earth from the moping, but there's an answer in Quiet Hooves' country-ish songs, or rather a hypothesis to why everyone wants to be caught up in the layers of sadness and disappointment instead of gravitating toward the dance music. It's because no matter how old we get or how happy we get, we sense that there's an endpoint coming sooner rather than later and even without that sneaking suspicion, there's the belief that our senses are suspect and we have a hard time trusting ourselves. Quiet Hooves lead singer and songwriter Julian Bozeman sings about the woes of not knowing how we or others feel about us on "Troubles," and he also touches on why we get so wrapped up in our own heads to see, feel or hear anything else. He sings, "Whoa, you just want to talk about your troubles/I've got troubles, I've got troubles/Whoa, I just wanna talk about my trials/We're all alive/We've all got trials/Oh, have you got good intentions with your lovers and your friends/And do your lovers and your friends mean well/And at the same time/And at the same time, what does that mean?/Oh could you name without trouble everyone you've ever loved/Could everyone you've ever loved name everyone they've ever loved/And at the same time/And at the same time/Would they say your name?" It could be the VERY thing that scares us the most as we move through life. It's probably the root of all our doubt. It's probably what stifles our partying, more than anything else and we should consider if that's absolutely necessary.

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