Rae Cassidy

Dec 18, 2012 Daytrotter Studio, Rock Island, IL

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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter 00:04
  2. The Weakening 03:33
  3. Deep Dark The Mine Shaft 03:55
  4. Cave Ghosts 03:59
  5. December 18th 03:54
  6. Come Back 04:17
Rae Cassidy

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Mike Gentry

Rae Cassidy tells us that there's something meaningful about this day for her. She didn't really need to say anything. She wrote a song with this date as the title and it's a tearjerker that involves a bunch of broken promises and a solemn walk through the snow. It's one of those stories where you sense that the people involved with it went off in two different directions and that was all there was left of it. Anything that they had, turned to ash and soot that was then stepped on and ground into the lighter colored carpet in the apartment, mocking them every time they got down on their knees to try to scrub out the slowly fading stain. It's a story that feels as if it was rife with all of the telltale signs that would have pointed to it being a failure from the beginning, but they were ignored for a very long time. It was that whole blinded by the love garbage that everyone's fallen for, usually a few times.

With this story, and what we're guessing might have made the date so meaningful, could be that this was the turning point in a young woman's life when the light clicks on and she's smarter about her heart. She doesn't love more sparingly, but she does love more cautiously, and there's a significant difference between the two. It's either that or, they got back together and all the shit that went down on December 18th was a nasty false alarm that's funny now that they look back on it. It seems like it should be the former though. The second scenario does not strike as very plausible.

Cassidy's songs are so vulnerable, you're more than empathetic, you're in the same room with her when she's having her heart destroyed. You're not experiencing her processing it after it happens, when she's had some time and she can put everything into the proper context and walk away from it. You're experiencing it as it as a culprit. You start to feel like you might have been the one to have caused her this harm. She sings, "Did someone warn me/Did someone see what I didn't see," about the way that it all went down with that certain someone in "December 18th." You shouldn't feel like you're being accused, because she wasn't about to listen anyway, but you think that perhaps if you just would have stomped your feet a little harder and used a few more explicit curse words, you could have saved her from some of this. But she takes her grief well. She knows that she's one misstep away from another helping of it - just as we all should realize it. She sings, "Yeah, those beautiful days, they'll fade away." Right, but they'll be back around too, lest we not forget that.

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