Sissy & The Blisters

Apr 17, 2013 2KHz, London, England

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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter 00:06
  2. Do It Alone 04:45
  3. Killing Time 02:56
  4. Violent Beggar 03:21
  5. First Try 03:18
Sissy & The Blisters

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Ian Grimble and Richard Matthews of Communion Music at 2KHz, Crouch End, London

We should have a few bottles of tequila dented by the time this Sissy and the Blisters session is finished. You should be a few bottles in too. It would serve you well to just put yourself into the night, to commit to the fuck-all nature of the evening

The way that these boys from London tell it, there's no time for messing about. There's no crying over spilt milk or hurt feelings. Everything's mostly a lark anyway, or it should be taken as such. There should be a determination to just throw it in drive and do doughnuts all over the parking lot, to burn the tires off of the car and then maybe just light it on fire and leave it there for someone else to deal with.

Lead singer James Geard sings about killing time, about watching the flames rage and just battling through the boredom. It's cutting through all of the soggy bullshit and going through the streets with the idea that things could get buck wild, that there's some kind of violence lurking in the night lights.

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