The Best 20 Tweets from Man City's Champions League Semifinal vs Real Madrid

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The Best 20 Tweets from Man City's Champions League Semifinal vs Real Madrid

Stop me if you heard this before: Soccer is boring. It’s a game of epically long stretches of two teams of eleven players each just knock the ball back-and-forth, only rarely doing anything noteworthy. There’s not enough scoring and the only remotely exciting that happens in any randomly selected game is when players dive like they’ve been shot, which is at least funny in a sad kind of way.

Okay, so we all know that soccer isn’t boring at all and that the sport is rich with fascinating wrinkles that give it more layers than could ever be uncovered. That being said, soccer is sometimes kinda boring. Take, for example, the first leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinal between Manchester City and Real Madrid on Tuesday: ZZzzzZZZZzzzz…huh, what, where am I and why does Bale look a wannbe Samurai?

Anyway, the game was terrible. Ronaldo didn’t play, which automatically made the game 85% less preeny, but also 65% less actiony. Man City’s super expensive collection of talent did exactly nothing. The tie now heads to Estadio Bernabeu with the aggregate scoreline tied 0-0.

While the game itself failed to deliver, Twitter did not. Everyone’s favorite second screen experience brought plenty of clever missives about…well, how much the game sucked, but also how sad people are Barca is out (mostly Barca fans), Ronaldo’s phone habits, and that thing that happened to Zizou’s pants (by the way, “Zizou’s Pants” is the name of my new progressive trance EDM collective—check it out this summer).

Without further ado, let’s do that thing where we bring you 20 hand-curated tweets of supreme entertainment value.