Do You Like Quick Passing? Then You'll LOVE This Sevilla Goal

Soccer Video
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Sevilla beat Standard Liege 3-1 in the Europa League on Thursday, but it should have been more because this goal from Jose Antonio Reyes is worth at least three goals on its own. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it lightning fast move involving Reyes (who starts and finishes the whole thing) Denis Saurez (on loan from Barcelona, but no relation to you-know-who) and Diogo Figueiras (who provides the final pass).

If you’re having trouble keeping up, then here’s a simple breakdown: From the moment Reyes receives the ball and begins approaching the box, the move goes:


If you can announce that play in real time, calling out every pass as it happens, then you are the greatest commentator of all time. If not, no worries, just watch and enjoy. Here’s a slightly different angle.