Dominic Monaghan: I'm Fine with Man United Exiting the Champions League

Soccer Features Dominic Monaghan
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You know Dominic Monaghan as Charlie from Lost, Merry from Lord of the Rings, and as the host of Wild Things. But he’s also a Paste Soccer columnist and a lifelong Manchester United fan.

I’m fine with Manchester United exiting the Champions League.

It was gonna happen one way or the other. We can’t contend with Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. Hell, we can’t beat Manchester city or Juventus, Paris Saint-German or Valencia on a good day either.

But sliding out of a group that we should have topped seems incredulous for Manchester United and this is the real problem.

How far we have slumped. That it’s even possible. It wasn’t really that long ago that when Madrid or Munich or Barcelona drew us they thought, “Oh Crivens, let’s concentrate”.

We are a ghost of the team we once were.

De Gea is world class and stopped us conceding 5 last night. Yet who else in that team is a legit international? Who? This is Manchester United. The team that players dream of signing for. Swashbuckling daring breakneck speed. One touch passing. You score three we score four.

How far have we fallen? Are we willing to fall further? As one of the most recognizable, marketable sports teams on the planet, let’s get a grip and buy what we need. A first class assassin goal scorer. One of the top 4 strikers in the world. A buccaneering young midfielder. And someone who can stand along side Chris Smalling in defence.

It wasn’t that long ago when Fergie would have fielded a youth side to impress him in the Champions League against Wolfsburg. Now our options are, “Let’s hope Fellaini scores from a corner” or, “Hopefully Mata carves another impossible pass for Martial”.

This is Coca Cola. This is Cadbury. This is Manchester United. The archetypal football team.

Splash cash. Buy players. Breed players through the system. Exude confidence. Make old Trafford a fortress. Continue the legacy.

But any United fan I know—myself included—is pretty turned off by how this clap trap is diluting the brand.

I’d rather be absolute garbage than mediocre.

Give it a few months we may even get there.

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