Jurgen Klopp Answers Interview Questions with Surprising Candor

Soccer Video Jurgen Klopp
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Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp went recently appeared on a German TV program, during which he was asked a series of rapid-fire questions. Those questions ranged from “what was the plot of the most recent pornographic film that you watched” to “a fairy grants you a wish and you can choose one Bayern player: who do you choose?” The majority of his answers (in German with English subtitles) demonstrate the abilities that have made him an extremely talented manager: creative, clever and calculating.

I was particularly fond of his answer to the Munich question, as well as his answer about what historical figure he would enjoy being. In addition, if Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United continues to struggle, I look forward to millions of internet articles linking Klopp with the manager’s spot at Old Trafford after he indicated that he prefers the color red to the color blue.