The Best Tweets from Leicester City's Title Clincher

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The Best Tweets from Leicester City's Title Clincher

Leicester City won the Premier League.

Leicester City.

Leicester. City.


No many how many times you write, say it, THINK IT, it will never seem anything less than completely and utterly astounding. Lots has been made about the odds—5000-1 at the beginning of the year—but even they don’t convey the insanity of a club like Leicester beating out some of the richest, most established clubs in the world for the championship this season.

There are so many great things about Leicester’s season and their unlikely ascent to the summit of the English game. Claudio Ranieri is certainly chief among them. Modern managers are eminently unlikeable people, always switching jobs for a bigger payday or moaning to the media about how unfair the referees are. Rainieri, a man with a reputation for failing more than succeeding prior to his arrival at Leicester, is something else, an aww-shucks student of the game who exhorts his team to win with about as much bluster as an overweight house cat.

The way Leicester won the title was pretty astounding, too. After drawing Manchester United on Sunday, the Foxes needed second-place Tottenham to lose or draw at Chelsea on Monday to secure the championship. When Spurs took a 2-0 lead over Chelsea, it looked for all the world like the greatest underdog story of all time would have to wait a week.

But then Chelsea came storming back. Gary Cahill scored off a set piece. Eden Hazard remembered he was a world class footballer and not a lump of putrefying garbage, and curled in a beauty of a goal to bring the game level. The celebration was back on.

The game got ugly from there, mostly because Tottenham’s youngish group of players lost their cool in light of watching the title slip away. It made for incredible theater, but also, for incredible tweeting.

Which brings me to why we’re here. As the soccer/football Twittersphere reacted to the events on the field at Stamford Bridge and the amazing story of Leicester’s triumph, we collected the best of that reaction. We’ve place them in a handy-dandy gallery, extra large because of the immensity of the Foxes’ achievement.

Enjoy. We’ll likely never see the likes of this again.