Watch Eduardo Vargas' lethal, gorgeous, incredible wonder-strike for Chile

Soccer Video
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This walloped, looping, incredible effort from Chilean striker Eduardo Vargas is a goal of indescribable beauty. The video evidence speaks for itself, so any prose I tack on would be redundant in the extreme.

Yet what elevates it into football lore is, as always, context. And there is a giant heap of context.

First, it came from a Napoli-loaned, Queens Park Rangers forward who managed to score a paltry four goals last season in which his club were relegated. Second, it came in the semifinal of the Copa America, one of the biggest and most important football tournaments in the world. Third, it was the match-winner against Peru in a 2-1 game in which the Chileans, despite gobs of possession, did not always look like they would emerge victorious. Fourth, it was Vargas’ second goal on the night! Fifth, it sent the host nation into a major tournament final for the first time since 1987.

This is why we watch football. Or at least why we wait for the highlights.