Zlat’s All Folks? Ibra May Take Glue Factory Option this Summer

Soccer News
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Tired of constant speculation over his post Ligue 1 future, the 34 year old yet still-in-demand Paris Saint Germain star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has either decided to play with the press a little bit or realized he’s genuinely had enough of football.

In an interview with TV4, Ibra hinted he may end his career with PSG.

“Anything could happen next summer… maybe I’ll just retire. Nobody’s thought of that possibility. I would prefer to go out at the top.”

That won’t be music to the ears of clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea, which have been “linked with” (ie baselessly rumoured to be involved with) with the Swedish Horse Man.

Also potentially miffed will be Major League Soccer, with whom Ibra has flirted with on several occasions, including last summer. Fans holding out hope they might see a frustrated Zlatan getting sent off for a two-footed lunge on a soggy night at at half-filled Toyota Park will have to get their kicks elsewhere.

Though this is likely just a ploy for attention amid the international break, a football world will be poorer without Zlatan in it.