Speedy Ortiz

Jan 30, 2014 Big Light Studio, Nashville, TN

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  1. Welcome To Daytrotter / Plough 02:35
  2. American Horror 03:18
  3. Everything's Bigger 02:34
  4. Curling 02:52
Speedy Ortiz

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Josh Niles at Big Light, Nashville, Tennessee

There are times when the stress just gets to you. It begins to eat you alive. You find yourself shivering when you're not cold, when your abdominal muscles begin convulsing. You feel your heart spazzing out, racing as if it were full of tiny jackrabbits. The stress makes your skin break out into unbearable rashes and you find that you can't stop cracking your knuckles and your neck. All this time, you try to stay calm and drink more water, thinking that it will nullify all of the stressors and the rash will go away. Freaking out is human. It's our rabies. The fevers strike us and they burn good. The great, young Massachusetts band Speedy Ortiz brings us to frazzled situations where some people are "freaking the fuck out" and others are sending unwanted text messages -- the kind of shit that we've all had to learn to deal with during these new times. There are few instances in their songs when the waters have stopped churning, but rather these are the impediments that we just see as part of our cloudy days. These are times where smelling the flowers just leads to the bees getting pissy and hunting us down.

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