Study Says Birkin Bag is Smart Financial Decision with More Return on Investment Than Gold

Stop Workin' Buy a Birkin

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Everyone’s been there: you’ve just come into a large windfall of money and you’re not sure what to do with it. Well fear not, because Luxury online retail platform Baghunter has figured out how to invest to get the most bang for your buck—or the most bag for your buck, rather. Even Robert Frost knew that nothing gold can stay, so steer clear from investing in the precious metal, and you’re probably no Gordon Gecko so why bother with the intricacies of the stock market? Buy Birkin.

That’s right, whip out that fat checkbook and make it rain at the Hermes retailer near you. The brand’s signature handbag is a surprisingly safe investment with an average annual value increase of 14.2%, and you’ll look fabulous whilst being the savvy young entrepreneur that you are. Just imagine—Carrie Bradshaw could’ve parlayed her fashion collection into real earnings if only she had invested in a closetful of Birkins rather than Monolos. Had Carrie hoarded the classic handbag, she would’ve been independently wealthy enough to kick Mr. Big to the curb, and none of us would’ve had to endure the painful Sex and the City movie…and its sequel.

Birkin bags are fairly inaccessible to the general market, because of the outrageous price tag and the fact that boutiques limit the number they’ll dole out—reserving their bag selection for only the most “deserving” shoppers. Because Hermes retailers are so careful to keep the market unsaturated, they turn away people who have the funds to purchase the bag. And instead of being put on a years-long waitlist, those wealthy, yet undeserving shoppers turn to the secondary market to get their fix. Due to high demand and restricted supply, trusted resellers are able to charge top-dollar for used handbags. If you’re all about return on investment, now is the optimal time to drop a wad on the iconic bags, because Baghunter predicts that the value of the Hermès Birkin will double in 10 years.