This Instagrammer is #DressedToMatch With Famous Artwork, and It's Glorious

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Instagramming can be an ordeal. You need the perfect background, the perfect outfit and a spot-on caption to get those double taps. Sacramento-based gallery manager Michelle Satterlee is simplifying the process by matching her outfits to famous works of art. Great background? Check. Perfectly matched outfit? Double check.

Satterlee’s Instagram account @dressedtomatch showcases her and her friends casually matching works of art from Henri Matisse, Yayoi Kusama, Piet Mondrian and others. She holds her Instagram to a high standard, and picks each artwork and corresponding outfit with care. The most important element is palette—if the colors are off, everything falls apart. Then, the pattern and textures have to appropriately mimic the artwork. Finally, the pose itself must in some way reflect the spirit of the art.

With more than 8K followers, Satterlee’s fans want the best. “There’s an expectation that I’m going to put out really unique things and that’s kind of the challenge for me and the fun of it,” she told Fashionista.

The idea for @dressedtomatch first started in 2013, when Satterlee’s clothing accidentally matched an art piece. She bought a bright pink ombre Diane Von Furstenberg dress (perhaps something like this) to wear to a gallery opening, and to everyone’s delight she happened to match one of the artworks. In 2015, she launched her Instagram account to start documenting the connection between visual art and fashion. “Everyone loves things that match or inherently blend into one another, it’s very pleasing on the eye. I think that’s what people are attracted to,” Satterlee told Fashionista. “It brings a different level of attention to the art itself. I think it brings art off the wall. It makes it conversational and less intimidating.”

We like all of the looks on @dressedtomatch, but we do have a few favorites—find those below.

Wednesday whimsy. Say that 10 times fast! ???????????? #dressedtomatch Julie Heffernan’s work at the @crockerart in a beautiful embroidered @hemantnandita dress!;

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Color block ?????????????? #dressedtomatch ????: @christinasteinbrecher ??? Gerhard Richter #gerhardrichter #colorpalette #sfmoma @sfmoma;

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#GalleryDogMaggie and I just blend right into @addfuel’s mural for #smf916 ???????????? #dressedtomatch Get my @hemantandnandita dress here: #liketkit;

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Spot on ?????? #dressedtomatch ????: @louisianamuseum ??? The grand finale from our #louisianaoncamera archive — when Yayoi Kusama’s installations entered the museum in 2015 visitors went wild and innovative in their efforts to document themselves in Kusama’s environments. Though newspapers named Louisiana the “selfie museum in Humlebæk” and the exhibition sparked a heated debate on museum photography and selfies, guests kept immersing themselves in Kusama’s visual world. — #louisianaoncamera #louisianaarchive #louisianamuseum #fridayflashback #selfiemuseum #yayoikusama;

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A blessing in disguise ????? #dressedtomatch ????: @lacma . Regram from @mary_wayne1 —”When a student meets his t-shirt inspiration…fun field trip day.?”? Come find your inspiration at LACMA. #lacma #LACMAPlusYou #VirginofGuadalupe #latinart [Antonio de Torres, Virgin of Guadalupe (Virgen de Guadalupe), c. 1725, gift of Kelvin Davis through the 2014 Collectors Committee];

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She’s cut out for the match! ?????????? #dressedtomatch ????:@artfullyawear ??? “Another word for creativity is courage.” #HenriMatisse ???? #LACMAplusyou

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