Leandra Medine Just Launched Her First-Ever Shoe Collection

Style News Leandra Medine
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There are few things Leandra Medine hasn’t done in the world of fashion. The 27-year-old founder of Man Repeller has partnered with brands, designed bold clothing and amassed an impressive collection of shoes. Medine has even designed shoes from time to time, but she has never launched her own collection, at least until today.

Medine has launched a collection of shoes under her own name, MR by Man Repeller. The shoes debuted on Net-a-Porter, and are remarkably named and styled. The collection is priced from $350 for lace-up flats to $795 for velvet over-the-knee boots. Every shoe in the collection was created with “hearty love and care,” Medine told Fashionista. “There was no real creative counterpart to bounce the ideas off of—these shoes are completely born out of my own mental conceptions, which is wild, but also very fulfilling.”

Medine’s favorite pair, the “Alternative to Bare Feet” loafers, as they’re called, are offered in pink velvet with a paisley pattern or as metallic red leather. “I am and have always been a frequent wearer of loafers—we got the perfect silhouette here: they’re not too delicate and feminine, nor are they overtly chunky,” Medine said. “I was also really eager to have the shoes rendered in somewhat unexpected fabrics and colors and am pleased with how they’ve turned out. They are also extremely comfortable.”

The fashion designer’s bright collection is meant to inspire experimentation in its wearers. “I don’t want the women who purchase these shoes to feel like they are dressing like me, they’re supposed to take the shoes and make them their own. That’s what style is all about.” You can check out the full MR by Man Repeller collection here.