New Brand HSFT Encourages Wearers to "Have Some Fun Today"

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New Brand HSFT Encourages Wearers to "Have Some Fun Today"

New clothing line Have Some Fun Today, or HSFT, describes their ideal #HSFTlife wearer as “a woman striving for excellence; living life in a superlative fashion; focused on health, wellness and authentic joy; a mountain-climber of life.” Founded by fashion-industry veteran Stephanie Rado Taormina in 2015, the brand, which encompasses women’s clothing, accessories and home goods, promotes positivity with their slogan printed boldly on everything from tops to pillows, phone cases and bags. The saying stems from a motto that Taormina’s father, who passed away several years ago of complications from diabetes, lived by and encouraged his children to follow throughout their lives.

For Taormina, the phrase “Have Some Fun Today” goes deeper than just enjoying life – it also involves staying active, maintaining personal health and happiness, and maximizing joy in both your own life and those of others. The online retailer features $18 baseball caps and $30 phone cases, as well as a range of reasonably priced women’s basics ($40-100) and luxury totes and pillows that are priced from $150 to $220. A crown logo and the titular slogan are featured on most items, the highlights of which we’ve compiled into a gallery.

Click through and visit the brand’s Instagram and Twitter for more information.