Style Record: SOFI TUKKER

Style Features SOFI TUKKER
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Style Record: SOFI TUKKER

SOFI TUKKER is an easy pick for one of 2016’s most engaging breakout acts. Composed of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, the New York-based duo released their debut EP, Soft Animals, at the beginning of summer. Only months later, their track “Drinkee,” sung in Portuguese, was nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. Their trajectory has been startlingly swift, but the pair has the talent and drive to back it and keep up with their newfound momentum. This is all to say that to know SOFI TUKKER is to love them.

In this edition of Style Record, Paste spoke to Hawley-Weld and Halpern about becoming interested in fashion, not taking notes from their moms and the horror of popped polo collars.


Paste: Have you always been into fashion or is it a new interest?

Sophie Hawley-Weld: It’s very new to me, and I love it! I have so much to experiment with and discover. It’s really exciting. I keep trying things on I never would have thought of before and loving the effect it has on my presence, mood and relationship with others.

Tucker Halpern: I’ve always been pretty into it—not saying my fashion choices were always good ones though [laughs]. Like a lot of us, I went through some phases on the way to finding what I felt comfortable in as myself.

Paste: Who are some of your style idols?

Hawley-Weld: Hmm… Bjork, Patti Smith, Maria Bethânia, Jane Birkin, Crykah Badu… those were the first names that came to mind. But I’m still developing my personal style and learning about people who do themselves brilliantly!

Halpern: Not my mom. (Love you, mom).

Paste: Is there a movie, TV show, music video, etc. that you remember in particular as having amazing fashions?

Halpern: Fresh Prince! And Vogue, hehe.

Paste: Do you dress any differently on stage than you do in your day-to-day life?

Hawley-Weld: Oh, yeah. On stage, I wear my “uniform”—my all white and flowy suit. It makes me feel “in-my-body” and sensual. [Since it’s all white], it’s not very practical as everyday wear, and I love that. It gets really dirty but as soon as I put it on, it makes me feel ready to step into a sort of elevated state of being.

Halpern: My on stage uniform is basically my life uniform, also. But sometimes I go a lil’ flashier on stage. We used to have Soph in white and me in black, but then we realized the white was more visible from the audience so I started getting into some white too.

Paste: Any idea what you want to wear to the Grammys?

Hawley-Weld: Probably an all white silky suit!

Halpern: No, but I am so excited to figure it out.

Paste: What’s your go-to outfit for the winter?

Hawley-Weld: I have no idea how to dress for the winter. I tend to end up wearing tracksuits and a beanie most of the time. I’m figuring it out… I want to add more fun to winter.

Halpern: I just got some new coats in Milan that I’m obsessed with! Ones the Kenzo x HM collection and the other is a colorful Deisel bomber. I need to stop wearing ripped jeans though; my knees have been cold lately.

Paste: If you had to sum up your style in three words, what would they be?

Hawley-Weld: Sensual, sporty and old-school.

Halpern: Long, ripped and fun.

Paste: What’s the worst fashion trend that ever existed?

Hawley-Weld: High heels. I respect people who love them; they’re just not for me!

Halpern: Popped collars (full disclosure: I fell into the trap one year early in high school… Still embarrassed!)