New App 'Brushstroke' Turns Your Photos into Lovely Paintings

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Thanks to apps like Waterlogue and Popsicolor, it’s become incredibly easy to turn your photos into stylish paintings. While both apps have proven to be powerful to convert photos into illustrations, Code Organa is out with a new app called Brushstroke that’s the quickest on the draw.

Brushstroke opens to a simple but elegant design featuring just two options to take a picture transform it into a rendered painting. Meanwhile the button on the left will access your iPhone or iPad’s image library. After choosing your image Brushstroke will give you options to scale and crop your image accordingly.

Tapping the right arrow on the upper right will start the image conversion process. Unlike other image to painting converting apps, Brushstroke only takes a few ticks to develop the image without showing you it’s progress though a dialogue or drawing the picture into life. Instead it’s a quicker process that saves time.

Once the app has finished transforming an image, new options will appear below it giving users different filters to apply. The first set will alter the brushstrokes to be simpler or harsher depending on which option users select. Color denoted by a painter’s palate, meanwhile, will change the color space of the picture to different tones ands saturation levels including the yellowed sepia look to monochromatic grays.

Brushstroke jpg

Users can also change the background’s texture to make it look even more like art that they painted onto a block of wood or a sheet of paper. To truly customize the look of your images, Brushstroke allows you to change every visual aspect of your pictures like a true image editor with settings for brightness, contrast, saturation, density, exposure, shadows, highlights, and temperature. Changing any of these values is done by swiping up or down on the image rather than a sliding bar, which makes it much more accurate.

After users are all done tweaking the look of their paintings they can add their own personal stamp on the photo with a watermark of their digital signature. Masterpieces can be saved and shared as usual on all these photo apps. But one extra option allows users to order real life prints from CanvasPop of their best photo paintings complete with multiple sizes and framing options.

Brushstroke is a great image editor that can turn photos into aspiring paintings though a clean and intuitive interface. One of the best things about the app is how much faster it does everything from initially drawing the image to switching styles and tones. Brushstroke also has more options to fine tune images, making it the best app around to transform photos into paintings.

Brushstroke is an iOS app available for $2.99 in the App Store.

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