10 Apps for a Great Easter Sunday

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10 Apps for a Great Easter Sunday

Easter is nearly upon us and that means lots of different things to different people. A religious holiday for some, but also a time to catch up with family or spend time with one’s children. Or it can just be an excuse to indulge for a few days.

Whatever the reason you might be observing Easter for, we’ve rounded up some apps to tie into the occasion.

1. Bible (Free)

bible_680.jpgWant to brush up on your knowledge of Easter? Bible is an ideal starting point. Offering a simple to use interface, it makes it easy to read through hundreds of different Bible versions, available in more than 775 languages. Reading plans and the option to add your own highlights or bookmarks further enhances the practicality of this app.

2. Learn About Religions (Free)

religions_680.jpgLearn About Religions provides a more varied approach to religion. It offers insight into the origins and traditions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and more. Through its flashcard interface offering over 150 dynamic flashcards, it’s ideal if you’re particularly new to understanding different religions and cultures. You’ll be sure to learn something new.

3. Egg Dyeing 101 ($0.99)

eggdyeing_680.jpgFor those keen to create impressive egg designs with loved ones, Martha Stewart’s Egg Dyeing 101 is a great resource. It offers a gallery of 101 different eggs with step-by-step photos and videos ensuring you can create some stunning eggs. It covers all the basics, too, for the not so arts and crafts minded.

4. Yuggler (Free)

yuggler_680.jpgIf you need to find something fun for you and your kids to go to, Yuggler offers plenty of options. It provides you with information on thousands of free activities such as drop in baby and toddler groups, exhibitions, live family performances and local festivals or markets. It’ll be useful all year round, not just at Easter.

5. LEGO Life (Free)

lego_680.jpgLEGO Life is a form of social networking community that provides you with LEGO challenges, inspiration and insight into what others are making. It’s aimed at younger users, but LEGO is fun regardless of your age, and spending the weekend indulging an old favorite is sure to be fun.

6. Easter Egg Painter (Free)

eggmaker_680.jpgPainting Easter Eggs is fun with your kids, but it’s also pretty messy. Easter Egg Painter takes out the mess by having you create designs through the app. You can always opt to do them for real another time, with the app providing great inspiration for more creative types.

7. Pat the Bunny ($3.99)

pat_680.jpgContinuing the Easter theme for youngsters, Pat the Bunny is a cute storybook that’s bound to beguile toddlers and preschoolers. Based on the children’s book of the same name, the app allows your children to participate in 14 interactive scenes, playing hide and seek with Bunny, as well as popping bubbles in the bathtub.

8. BigOven (Free)

If you’re planning to cook a big family meal over Easter, BigOven should prepare you. It offers over 350,000 recipes meaning there’s something ideal for everyone. A seasonal collection ensures you can find the perfect recipe for Spring, with a grocery list function making things even quicker to organize. Its social features mean you can see what others are planning, too.

9. The Pit Pal BBQ App (Free)

pitpal_680.jpgThe arrival of Spring means you might be tempted to start BBQing. The Pit Pal BBQ App helps you figure out temperatures so that your food is cooked perfectly, and just how you like it. You can add additional information such as adding wood or coal, tweaking the rub or sauce and mopping, so you’ll get things right every time.

10. Grill-It! Grilling and BBQ Recipes ($0.99)

grillit_680.jpgIf you’re in need of grilling recipes, Grill-It! has you covered. It offers a wealth of BBQ recipes, each with step by step instructions. It covers how best to cook beef, pork, poultry, seafood and vegetables. There’s even room for starters and side options too. It’s sure to inspire you.