10 Great Ebook Reader Apps to Make Reading More Enjoyable

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10 Great Ebook Reader Apps to Make Reading More Enjoyable

Reading is a distinctly traditional pastime but a highly enjoyable one at that. Just because you might have a bookshelf full of options for what to read next doesn’t mean you can’t also use one of many apps to enhance your reading experience.

Whether it’s through providing some form of supplement to your novel or by giving you a different means in which to read, we take a look at 10 great apps for making reading even better.

1. Kindle (Free)

kindle_680.jpgOk, so we all know about the wonders of Kindles by now. Somehow though, you might not have installed the app on your iPhone or iPad. It’s a great app, giving you the choice of books, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels and textbooks. With a choice of font size, style and even page color, it’s an ideal way to read a book. If it wasn’t for the lack of new book smell, it’d be superior in every way.

2. Booklights (Free)

booklights_680.jpgWant to share your favorite book memories with others? Booklights is perfect for that. You can post screenshots of your favorite books and their key moments, giving others insight into what’s so great about your beloved novel. It also doubles as a great way of keeping visual notes, with the option to add comments providing your own personal Cliff Notes edition.

3. Scribd (Free)

scribd_680.jpgScribd is great for some varied reading material. Each month, you get three books and one audiobook of your choice. Personalized recommendations are available, along with trending topics to explore, and editor suggestions. Unlimited access to many major magazines, as well as academic resources is also included. Think of it as like Netflix for knowledge.

4. Goodreads (Free)

5. LibriVox (Free)

goodreads_680.jpgGoodreads is the ideal social network for avid readers. You can browse what other people are reading, gleaning suggestions and recommendations along the way. Book reviews can easily be added, and you can always keep track of how far you’re progressing with a particular tome. A barcode scanner makes it simple to add things to your virtual “to-read” shelf too

librivox_680.jpgLibriVox offers free access to over 24,000 audiobooks with each available either via streaming online or for downloading for later use. Classic best sellers are catered for as well as out of print delights, with more than 30 languages covered here. Working thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, it’s a tempting change of pace compared to premium offerings.

6. Leio (Free)

leio_680.jpgWant to keep track of your reading life? Leio will time your reading sessions, giving you motivation to keep on reading. You’ll gain insight into your habits, as well as your speed. A quick look at the app will let you know what page you’re on with whatever book you’re reading, and even predict when you’ll be done with it. It’s a fitness tracker for reading, basically.

7. Bookmate (Free)

bookmate_680.jpgSubscribe to Bookmate, and you gain access to 850,000 books on top of the 50,000 available for free. More importantly, friends can recommend books through the service, ensuring it’s useful even in the free build. You can find new friends with similar interests, expanding your reading horizons. Notes can also be created as you go.

8. Audible (Free)

audible_680.jpgThe Kindle of audiobooks, it’s no surprise that Audible is part of Amazon now. With a wide range of popular categories, you can easily create clips of your favorite passages and share them with friends via social media. You can easily download audiobooks for offline listening too, as well as set up sleep modes for those night time sessions.

9. Wattpad (Free)

wattpad_680.jpgWant an entirely different reading experience? Wattpad gives you the chance to discover free stories and books written by people around the world. More importantly, you can easily join the community and publish your own story. Monthly writing challenges entice you into participating regularly, along with a real time reaction setup to keep you motivated.

10. iReadItNow (Free)

iread_680.jpgThe oldest app on the list, iReadItNow might not look as stylish as some, but it has plenty of features. You can use it to manage your reading life, enabling you to keep track of what you’re reading and what the future holds. It’s easy to attach excerpts or notes on each book, check out graphs detailing how you’re progressing, and keep an extensive library of everything you own.