DISH Network faces Up to $24 Billion in Fines For Robocalling

Tech News
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Dish Network may not have listened to the federal law regarding not calling numbers on the Do Not Disturb list, and now they are being pursued by the Department of Justice (DOJ)

The DOJ alleged that Dish Network violated the National Do Not Call Registry by calling people on the list, using automated calls, as well as continuously calling people who told Dish Network to stop calling them.

The case was filed in 2009 by California, Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina, along with the Department of Justice and is currently being reviewed in court. Ars Technica reported that the DOJ and states are seeking $24 billion in fines. Dish’s market capitalization is currently $22.41 billion.

Dish told CBS News that they have now changed their policy on automated calls and telemarketing.