5 Big Announcements From Google's Pixel 7 Event

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5 Big Announcements From Google's Pixel 7 Event

After months of rumors about its next smartphone lineup and first made-in-house smartwatch, Google gave everyone a detailed rundown on the new family of Pixel devices Thursday at its Fall event.

Google has shown promise since taking its smartphone offerings more seriously a few years ago, and the introduction of the new Tensor G2 processor keeps that commitment rolling, improving an already celebrated photography suite among its competitors.

2022 also marks the company’s first step into the wearable market after years of producing the Android ecosystem’s top smartwatch operating system, Wear OS. We even got some details on Google’s forthcoming entry into the tablet market with the Pixel Tablet. Google appears ready to challenge in all facets of the smart device field, so let’s run through all the major announcements and see how they stack up as preorders open and units begin to ship next week.

Google Pixel 7.jpg

Pixel 7 (Starts at $599)

The Pixel 7 doesn’t boast many cosmetic changes from the Pixel 6, with the aluminum rear camera housing being a bit bigger and the OLED display shrinking slightly. The real changes come under the hood thanks to the new Tensor G2 chip. Implementing the new processor boosts performance, which powers an improved camera array. Night Sight photography is faster and Google’s Unblur feature now lets users improve older images as well as more aspects of newer images. The new chip also improves video, adding a Cinematic Blur feature and allowing for 4K 60fps recording.

Google Pixel 7 Pro.jpg

Pixel 7 Pro (Starts at $899)

The Pixel 7 Pro packs in all of the new features of the Pixel 7 while taking those improvements even further. The display is larger and, unlike the Pixel 7, allows for an adaptable refresh rate up to 120Hz. The Pro’s camera array includes an improved 48-megapixel telephoto camera with heightened optical zoom.

Guided Frame & Improved Real Tone

Another focus of the camera improvements made possible by the Tensor G2 is widening the phone’s accessibility options. The most notable addition is a voice-assisted selfie-shooting mode dubbed Guided Frame. The tool helps people with visual impairments frame selfies with direction straight from the phone. Google also hyped up advances in its Real Tone feature, adding more reference images to improve how its cameras capture BIPOC skin tones.

Google Pixel Watch.jpg

Pixel Watch (Starts at $350)

Google’s entry into the wearable market brings an intriguing mix of style and function. The stainless steel casing wraps around a domed Gorilla Glass 5 glass that helps the Pixel Watch stand out. All of the expected functions of a wearable are here, enhanced somewhat by Google’s purchase of FitBit. The OLED watch face includes an always-on display and, according to Google, can reach 1,000 nits of brightness.

Google Pixel Tablet.jpg

Pixel Tablet

Google’s Pixel Tablet isn’t set to debut until 2023, but we got substantial details on the forthcoming device Thursday. The tablet will be powered by the same Tensor G2 chip, leading Google to frame it as a great option for video calls, photography and editing. The tablet can be paired with a separate charging dock with speakers, popping in and out of the dock similar to a Nintendo Switch. This gives it versatility, switching between a traditional tablet and the Google Nest Hub. The device’s interface also appears to adapt to being in and out of the dock, switching layouts based on whether it’s connected or not. Google didn’t provide a release date outside of next year.