InFocus Announces Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro, Widening the Gap Against Stick PCs

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InFocus targeted the ultra-low end PC market when they released the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop. While the company managed to hit the lowest price point, it also managed to release the most powerful PC in its class. Today it announced the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro which adds even more features to the package. Some features fix what few shortcomings the first Kangaroo PC had like the need for multiple video ports. Other features are nice-to-haves, like the dedicated ethernet port.

Last month, we reviewed the first Kangaroo Mobile Desktop. We found that it is not going to replace your desktop nor is it intended to. As a secondary (or tertiary) computer it’s ideal. All you need is find an HDMI monitor or HDTV and you have a computer that can get work done, stream games or watch movies. While it has more ports than any stick PC on the market, the device fell short on features like multi-monitor support.

Just released today, the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro keeps many specs from first generation:

- Intel Atom x5-Z8500 processor
- 2GB of RAM
- 32GB eMMC storage
- Fingerprint reader
- 802.11ac WiFi
- Bluetooth 4.0
- 4 hour battery
- MicroSD slot with support for up to 200GB
- Windows 10 built-in

New features build on demands for an even more versatile device. The Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro features:

- Two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0
- HDMI and VGA
- Ethernet
- Audio jack
- 2.5” drive bay fitting up to 9.5 mm HDD

Following many positive reviews, the potential of the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop led many to a high demand for these ports. The drive bay is a bit of a surprise since storage could already be expanded by MicroSD card. Now users can add terabytes storage to the Kangaroo PC or keep things silent with a super-fast SSD.

These additional ports have added some heft to the original size. While width and depth are the identical, the height has more than doubled. Considering the perfectly diminutive size of the original Kangaroo Mobile Desktop, it’s good to know the Pro doesn’t take a larger footprint on your desk. It just might be a little trickier to fit in your bag or purse.

Doubling the price to $199 is a bit of a risky move, as there is no change to the original model’s 2GB of RAM or 32GB of onboard storage. However, it’s still in the same price range as its stick PC competition and still boasts the best performance. We have confirmed that the dock is removable, and compatible with the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop and Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Plus. The new dock is only available in a bundle with the processing unit and not being sold separately at this point.

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